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Version 0.5.1 (Acandí) has been released

After many delays, we could finally release this new stable version. The main new feature you can find here is a totally functional data model manager (which replaces the old Class and Attribute managers). You can now create and delete classes and attributes as well as customize their behavior in a single module and without having to recompile, restart or regenerate anything. It’s a true dynamic data model. You will also find support for object pools (places to put objects you can’t put in the Navigation Tree, like IP addresses, Subnets or Services). There are many bugfixes and performance improvements as well. The new Mobile Networks data model extension was officially added. Enjoy it, and please, send us your feedback using the usual channels (IRC, Mailing lists, forums and Twitter). You can download the installer here and find updated user and administrator manuals here.
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