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Version 0.6 (Naya) beta released

This version comes with a lot of improvements as you could see in the last post, I’m not going to list them again, so suffice it to say that we mostly focused on improving the physical connections model, provide the activity logging and fix a zillion of small details. Although the admin and user manuals were already published, you can expect them to be periodically updated as we approach to the stable release within the next couple weeks. Your 0.5.1 database is compatible with these new release except for the physical containers. We will provide a migration script in the last release, but for now, I’d say it’s safe to use the past version database.

Known issues: No matter what user performs the action, the activity logs will always show “admin” as the responsible for a change. List type filters will appear as extended filters by default in the Query Manager (you can switch them back to simple filters by right clicking on the filter node). You can’t see the cables/fibers contained into a container unless you select the contextual action “Connect links” on the container. Shortcuts still do not work. You might see some empty menu items in the contextual menus.

As usual, you can grab the latest code from here, the manuals from here and the binaries here. We’re anxiously waiting for your feedback! Mailing lists | @kuwaiba | IRC #kuwaiba

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