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New Licensing Scheme

Since the beginning of this project, one of our aims was to enable third-parties to develop extensions and modules (both open and closed-source) for Kuwaiba without any restrictions. That’s why we chose the EPL license instead of the more restrictive GPL. Later, as we started adding more and more features we were very careful to use only open source libraries with compatible licenses (BSD, mostly), but it got to a point where this policy was no longer sustainable, since we needed GPLed libraries (such as Neo4J) and they couldn’t be replaced easily (please keep in mind that EPL is not compatible with GPL-like licenses). It was a hassle to be constantly signing OEM agreements and finding obscure workarounds to be able to use them. For us has always been clear that the priorities must be granting the basic freedoms of any OSS application to our users and give the credit where is due/contribute back to other projects that made Kuwaiba possible somehow. So we decided to take what it seems to be the easiest, yet fairest path to accomplish them: Since version 0.7, Kuwaiba will be dual-licensed EPL and GPL v2. Choose the one that fits better to your purposes and take the necessary measures if you plan to redistribute Kuwaiba so you comply with terms of the respective license. As usual, we’re open to suggestions and commentaries on how this should be handled in the future.

Once again, we want to thank open source projects that are being used in Kuwaiba (in chronological inclusion order): Netbeans Platform, WAX, Neo4J and JMapViewer.
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