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Version 0.7 (Novita) alpha is out for testing!

Hello everyone! After some months of work, we’re releasing a preview of what Kuwaiba v0.7 (Novita) will be. The most important changes in this release are:

Known Issues

Note 1: Migration tools from version 0.6 to v0.7 will be provided in the final release.

Note 2: You can use this version with the v0.6 database, but you may experience some problems with Physical Containers in the Basic View and possibly with old services in the Service Manager

As any alpha version, you may expect bugs and weird debug messages, but it’s pretty usable right now. we encourage you to report bugs and make suggestions. We’re still finishing to document the new features, and as soon as the new manuals are available we will publish them. Enjoy it!

Downloads here


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