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What is this project about?

Kuwaiba is an ambitious project to provide an enterprise grade OSS (Operations and Support System) for network inventory in the context of IT and telecommunications environments. It looks forward to support Asset, Change and Facility Management processes and to be a key element in the implementation of ITIL and COBIT components.

What commercial products around do what Kuwaiba does?

There are already many reputed commercial products with big corporations behind in the market. Some of them are (in no particular order):

Why Kuwaiba is different from those products?

How is Kuwaiba licensed?

Client and server are dual-licensed EPL v1 and GPL v3. The third party components used have their own compatible open source licenses (see details in the About page).

Who is behind the development?

This project is officially backed by Neotropic SAS.

Is there commercial support for Kuwaiba?

Yes, it’s provided by Neotropic SAS. Neotropic provides services that include consultancy, platform sizing, customization, setup, deployment and integration, platform administration, around-the-clock support and training. There are also options for platform integrators.

Or if you wish, you can get community support by using the public forums and mailing lists.

How can I help?

There are many ways you can contribute to the project:
Neotropic SAS
This project is backed by Neotropic SAS
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